Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Power BI... Push to Web

Since Microsoft realesed one of the most requested features of Power BI - called Publish to Web - Twitter and respective blogs are going crazy. And I can say, that they are right doing so.

Publish to web is nothing less than the ability to take one of your created reports from your personal site and convert it into HTML-Code (iFrame), which you can implement into your blog, your website, into Sharepoint, etc. The really crazy thing about it is, that it is not an inflexible picture, but it keeps the connection to your site and the original data. So all the time the data in your data model change, the report in your blog (or where ever) also gets updated.

Here is an example for the Power BI User Group Hamburg. Now its only example data, because our first meeting will come in the middle of February. The underlying data comes from an Excel file, which I import into a local Power BI Desktop File. Here I created the data model, some measures and the report, which is shown below. All the time I re-publish my model from Power BI Desktop to this report below gets updated too. It can take about an hour until you see the new data there, but it's simply amazing :)

You can find a video, which describes how to use 'Publish to web' here.

Have fun copying your reports where ever you want.

See you,